Artists With Autism Inc



Artists with Autism Inc, is a Not For Profit, networking group for Autistic artists based in Fort Lauderdale Florida. We provide a vocational assessment training for artists with autism at our operating Gallery located at the Festival Market Mall in Pompano Beach, Florida Our main goal is to provide guidance, expertise, and venue resources for aspiring artists with autism.
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Pandas by Anthony LaRocca


Big Playground by Brandon Drucker


DIno Roams by Anthony Larocca


Oriental Park Hotel by Sydnee


Paling Park by David Rodriguez


Nehilim key by David Rodriguez


Flame Dancer by David Rodriguez


Alucard Inferno by David Rodriguez


Ojo Heartbeat by David Rodriguez


Circus Moon by Brandon Drucker


Paradise by George Cook


Night and Day by George Cook


Mad Jack by George Cook


Cat by George Cook



Snowy forest by Sydnee


Central Park by S Marshall


Color Como by S Marshall


RoofTops by S Marshall


Street Pumkin Festival by S Marshall


The Painter by S Marshall


Museum by S Marshall


Leaf by S Marshall


Break Dancer by S Marshall


Ozzy by Sydnee


Freedom Tower by Sydnee


Daddy's Girl by Sydnee


Havana Wheels by Sydnee


Disneyland CA 1958 by sydnee


Chi-chi mad by Artists With Autism Inc


Rock Band by Artists With Autism Inc


Pizza Time by Artists With Autism Inc


Canoe Ride by Brandon Drucker


Cat Styles by Brandon Drucker


Indian Flower by Norval Hall


The Christ by Norval Hall


Polly by Sean Brushingham


Flying Fins by Sean Brushingham


Angel dog by Sean Brushingham


Four feathered friends by Sean Brushingham


Four Fall Leaves by Sean Brushingham


Sun Trolley by Brandon Drucker


Icecream Parlor by Brandon Drucker


Turtle by Andres Pola


Violets by Anthony LaRocca


The Rose by Anthony LaRocca


Floating Roses by Anthony LaRocca


Blackeyed susan by Anthony LaRocca


Blue by Elina Silva