Artists With Autism Inc



Artists with Autism Inc, is a Not For Profit, networking group for Autistic artists based in Fort Lauderdale Florida. We provide a vocational assessment training for artists with autism at our operating Gallery located at the Festival Market Mall in Pompano Beach, Florida Our main goal is to provide guidance, expertise, and venue resources for aspiring artists with autism.
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Three cats and a moon by Sean Brushingham


Three Angels by Sean Brushingham


Mirroring by Maria Iliou


Connected Spiritual by Maria Iliou


Blue Faces by Maria Iliou


Bush Gardens by Keith Rebarber


Spotted Hills by Sean Brushingham


Purple Stream by Sean Brushingham


Blue green Slat by Sean Brushingham


Blue Dream by Sean Brushingham


Christmas in Montana by Brandon Drucker


Christmas Church by Brandon Drucker


Bubbles 10 by Sean Brushingham


Bubbles 9 by Sean Brushingham


Bubbles 8 by Sean Brushingham


Bubbles 7 by Sean Brushingham


Bubbles 6 by Sean Brushingham


Bubbles 5 by Sean Brushingham


Bubbles4 by Sean Brushingham


Bubbles 3 by Sean Brushingham


Bubbles2 by Sean Brushingham


Bubbles 1 by Sean Brushingham


Snowman by Anthony LaRocca


Mars by Daniel Leon


Sol by Daniel Leon



Galaxie by Daniel Leon


Flower by Daniel Leon


Camel by Daniel Leon


Fiesta Egypt by Brandon Drucker


Charlie Browns' Christmas by Anthony LaRocca


Lurking Iguana by Brandon Drucker


Dino Face by Anthony LaRocca


Zinnias by Anthony LaRocca


Gold Seashell by Anthony LaRocca


Lighthouse Sunset by Anthony LaRocca


Day Lilly Butterfly by Anthony LaRocca


Pink Autumn by Norval Hall


The Wave by Artists With Autism Inc


Pink Flower by Artists With Autism Inc


Octopus by Anthony LaRocca


Hummingbird by Artists With Autism Inc


Dreamflake by Artists With Autism Inc


Bumblefly by Brandon Drucker


Taste the Rainbow by Artists With Autism Inc


Lonely Santa by Artists With Autism Inc


Matthews Christmas by Artists With Autism Inc


Rudolph leads the way by Artists With Autism Inc


Santas Chrismassy Office by Artists With Autism Inc