Artists With Autism Inc



Artists with Autism Inc, is a Not For Profit, networking group for Autistic artists based in Fort Lauderdale Florida. We provide a vocational assessment training for artists with autism at our operating Gallery located at the Festival Market Mall in Pompano Beach, Florida Our main goal is to provide guidance, expertise, and venue resources for aspiring artists with autism.
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Venice by Brandon Drucker


Boat on the shore by Brandon Drucker


Sea Life by Brandon Drucker


Green Eyes by Brandon Drucker


Beach Bird by Brandon Drucker


Times Square by Brandon Drucker


Hollywood Watertower by Brandon Drucker


Christmas in the Centre by Matthew Joseph Williams


Christmas in the city by Matthew Joseph Williams


Deer Santa by Matthew Williams


Room for Christmas by Matthew Williams


Rose field by Daniel Leon


Rainbow by Daniel Leon


Christmas Shopping by Matthew Joseph Williams


Christmas Street by Matthew Joseph Williams


City Christmas by Matthew Joseph Williams


Snowing at Christmas by Matthew Joseph Williams


Specs in tree by Sarah Rollins


Dragonfly by Sarah Rollins


Broken Leaf by Sarah Rollins


Branches by Sarah Rollins


Berry Branch by Sara


Portal to Adventure by Brandon Drucker


Hollywood Studios 3 by Keith Rebarber


Green Parrot by Jordyn Abramson


Jungle Fruit by Brandon Drucker


Christmas tree by Miguel Zapata


Red Dolphin by Miguel Zapata


Shapes by Miguel Zapata


El Paisaje by Miguel Zapata


Florence by Brandon Drucker


Head in Clouds by Sarah Rollins


Cat and Girl by Christian Early


Little Mermaid by Christian Early


Colors by Miguel Zapata


Grapes by Miguel Zapata


Rainbow Leaf by Miguel Zapata


Flowers and Airplane by Miguel Zapata


Swarming Bees by Sheryl Yeager


Tropical Bird by Sheryl Yeager


Purple Elephant by Sheryl Yeager


Mischievous Pigs by Sheryl Yeager


Eager Grasshopper by Sheryl Yeager


Rainbow Beach by Brandon Drucker


Remember by Sarah Rollins


Red Leaf by Sarah Rollins


Take the A Train by Sarah Rollins


Ocean by Sarah Rollins